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The AIAP Mission Statement The Association of Independent Architectural Photographers is an internet-based trade association with one primary purpose: To promote the professional success of established independent architectural photographers. The AIAP is not a vehicle for social change, a bandwagon for political agenda or a soapbox for business reform. The AIAP will strive continually to bring new and better clients to its members through innovative and aggressive marketing techniques. At the same time, the AIAP will make a constant effort to educate and inform the photography buying public as to the merits of hiring a qualified (AIAP) architectural photographer. To the independent architectural photographer, the AIAP is an invaluable resource for new business. Additionally, the AIAP member has the opportunity to draw on the knowledge and experience of other professional members. Finally, the AIAP provides business and professional resources which allow each member to refine and improve his or her business.

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